The CTX Irritant Dispersal Grenade with Flameless
Expulsion is designed specifically to deploy sensory
irritant material without the risk of fire. The body
comprises of an extruded aluminium casing and
proprietary fly off lever mechanism. The sensory
irritant composition is emitted via a single exhaust
port in the base of the unit. The unit is available in
40 or 50mm diameter, making it ideal for both
indoor close quarter and outdoor exposed conditions.

For use in various Military and Law Enforcement
Operational scenarios such as:

  • Hostage Rescue
  • Dynamic/Tactical Entry Training
  • Public Order/Riot Scenarios

LENGTH: 124mm

DIAMETER: 40mm, 50mm

DELAY: 0.5sec, 1.0sec

WEIGHT 40mm: 170grams

WEIGHT 50MM: 225grams



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